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Passages: Darien's Rise

646: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 1”
Listen or Download


647: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 2”
648: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 3”
649: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 4”
650: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 5”
No Links
651: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 6”
No Links X
652: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 7"
No Links X
653: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 8”
No Links X
654: “Passages: Darien's Rise, Part 9”
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Kidsboro Series [Included With The Truth Chronicles]

"Kidsboro Part 1"Podcast Download
"Kidsboro Part 2" Podcast Dowload
"Kidsboro Part 3" Podcast Download

The Lost Episodes

008: "Dental Dilemma"No Links X
015: "My Brother's Keeper"No Links X
016: "No Stupid Questions"No Links X
022: "A Simple Addition"No Links X
030: "Honor Thy Parents"Listen


044: "It Sure Seems Like It to Me"No Links


045: "What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween?"No Links


055: "Auld Lang Syne"No Links X
116: "Isaac the Benevolent"No Links X
117: "The Trouble with Girls"No Links X
134: "Pamela Has a Problem"No Links X
142: "Train Ride"No Links


161: "Isaac the True Friend"No Links X
435: "A Look Back, Part 1"No Links


436: "A Look Back, Part 2"No Links


500: "500"No Links X
501: "Inside the Studio"Listen X

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"Banned" Episodes

85: "You go to School where?" PW DOWNLOAD


"Welcome to Whit's End" [Introduction to new episodes]DOWNLOAD
"Adventures In Odyssey Meets Jungle Jam" DOWNLOAD

Odyssey Music

Officer Burke's "You Have The Right" [Heard in episode 572: "Odyssey Sings!"]
"Follow The Big Fat Road" [Heard in the episode "The Great Wishy Woz"]
"If Only I Had Some Smarts" [Heard in the episode "The Great Wishy Woz"]
"Someday" [Heard in the episode "The Great Wishy Woz"]
Bart's "Electric Palace Do-Dah" [Heard in episode 572: "Odyssey Sings!"]
Liz Horton's "I'm A Little Teapot" [Heard in episode "For Trying Out loud"]
"Go Down Moses" [Heard in the episode "The Jubilee Singers"]
"I couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" [Heard in the episode "The Jubilee Singers"]
"Swing Low" [Heard in the episode "The Jubilee Singers"]
Harlow's "The Death of Tragedy" [Heard in episode 572: "Odyssey Sings!"]
"Good News" [From "A Thankstaking Story"]
"Strike Up The Band" [From "A Thankstaking Story"]
"We Are The Bad Guys" [From "A Thankstaking Story"]

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