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All of these episodes are available elsewhere on the web. All Faio does is collect these already-existing episodes and archive them. Faio does NOT support the uploading of copyrighted content.

If you like what you hear, you should buy the episodes on CD. It's convenient, easy, and best of all, you help support a great Christian ministry.

If you consider yourself to be a massive fan of AIO, check out the Adventure Club! It's an official paid source of every episode ever made, plus many exclusives.

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  • Q: Why don't you get more episodes?
    A: We only list episodes that are already on the internet. Episodes are protected by copyright law and therefore are illegal to upload.

  • Q: Why won't some episodes work?
    A: All episodes are hosted on another website. We have no control over them, and sometimes they get removed or misplaced. Please report the episode here. Keep in mind, this is very common and we rely on users like you to keep the list updated.



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